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Krishna  Pest Control is one of the upcoming ISO certified  pest control service providers in West Bengal . With the association of the local PCOs of other states we can cater pest control service Nationally on a PAN India basis .

With our quality service


Our mission  is to win the hearts of our clients.


Our vision – Sky is the limit and Krishna Pest Control will be a household name in the years to come.


Our objective is to understand the pest problem and provide a proper solution to it.


We strongly believe that our satisfied clients can bring more reference to us.


Pest management needs a deep understanding of pest habitat, climatic conditions, surroundings and life cycle. A qualified CFTRI trained pest controller heading the operational part provides that special advantage


We don’t believe that pest control is only about us spraying chemicals. Your co-operation in terms of having infrastructural safeguards is as important as our efforts in controlling pests


Our guidelines in terms of a audit report of points we have made, those implemented and those neglected will be pointed out to you at the end of every month. 


We offer Comprehensive Pest Management measures using Safe environment friendly, non-polluting, odor free insecticides recommended by WHO and organic repellants aerobic and changing the habitat. Highly customized treatment measures that ensure total safety to human lives and property will be the basis of our pest management program, because two properties are not to be same. Our Pest Management Program’s for Existing Buildings are designed after a thorough inspection of the premises for structural Entry Points, Cracks, Crevices, Burrows and other Harborages, Water pipe leaks, Spills, Drains, Manholes, Sewage pipelines, Garbage area and Surroundings. Two buildings are never alike and hence every audit is an experience by itself.


We are the pest specialists that know the biology and habit of the pests

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